• Zero Low Dock Lift Manufacturers in India

Zero Low Dock Lift

2 to 10 Ton capacities.

Work from different elevations for easy raising and lowering of loads.

Ground Zero loading without the need for ramps or cumbersome inclines. Easy and convenient to drive onto with a pallet truck, forklift, or roll on loads then lift from ground level to your desired height.

Saves the expense and inconvenience of pit mounting and offers the versatility to be used any place on a solid floor for easy loading & unloading.

Includes 42″ high OSHA-compliant guard rails and non-skid deck surface

Piano-hinged dock plate for smooth loading and secure loads. Includes velocity fuses (or over-center holding valves on double-acting systems) for worker safety in the event of a hydraulic failure

All standard scissor lift tables have hydraulic lift up and gravity lowering. If lowering speed is required, then order optional Double Acting Power System


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