• Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck EM 103 Manufacturers in India

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

We offer our clients a vast assortment of Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck that has high load bearing capacity and is provided with Polyurethane / UHMW-PE tandem rollers for quieter and smoother rolling over rough surfaces. It is also equipped with a one-piece "C" section forks for greater strength and a sully strengthened chassis along inside of forks.

The pallet truck also has bushed metal to metal parts that do not require any greasing and it also has a control lever with three-positions of up, neutral and down.

Specifications :

Available standard capacity: 2500 Kgs., Fork Length 1150,Width 535.

Available capacity options: 2000 Kgs, 2500 Kgs, 3000 Kgs, 5000 Kgs.

Available options: manual, weight scale, battery operator.

Choice: Special fork length, width, wheels & capacity as per requirement.


Product Inquiry

Model EM 103 EM 103 S EM 103 L
Capacity(kg) 2000 2500 3000
Min.fork height(mm) 65/75/85 65/75/85 65/75/85
Max.fork height(mm) 175/185/195 175/185/195 175/185/195
Lifting height(mm) 110 110 110
Fork length(mm) 1150/1220 1150/1220 1150/1220
Single fork width(mm) 160 160 160
Width overall forks(mm) 550/685 550/685 550/685
Fork wheel-single(mm) Φ64×93/Φ74×93/Φ84×93 Φ64×93/Φ74×93/Φ84×93 Φ64×93/Φ74×93/Φ84×93
Fork wheel-tandem(mm) Φ64×70/Φ74×70/Φ80×70 Φ64×70/Φ74×70/Φ80×70 Φ64×70/Φ74×70/Φ80×70
Steering wheel(mm) Φ160×50/Φ180×50/Φ180×50 Φ160×50/Φ180×50/Φ180×50 Φ160×50/Φ180×50/Φ180×50
Self weight(kg) 73-92 73-92 73-92
Qty/20 feet container(pcs) 180/144 180/144 180/144